Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grocery Bag

Signed up for a grocery bag swap. This is what I made my partner.

It's reversible.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snow, snow, snow

I can't believe I forgot to share this snowflake ornament with you!

A few weeks after Christmas I was feeling like I needed to make a snowflake ornament - maybe it was because we haven't had much snow all winter. I had some plastic covered wire and was playing around with it and got out my buttons to try to see what would happen. This ornament took hours and my hands hurt by the time I was done threading the buttons onto the wire and bending the wire. I even borrowed my husband's pliers to help bent and pull the wire. I love this ornament and can't wait for next Christmas to hang it on the tree. I have to confess I still have it hanging on our buffet cabinet.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

King of the Class

A few weeks ago it was "King and Queen for a Day" in my eldest son's Kindergarten class. All the children could wear a crown at school and this optional. Of course we don't have a crown suitable for a boy and I don't think we even have one of my daughter's princess crowns anymore. For a week I asked my son if he wanted a crown and his response was always no. The night before "King and Queen for Day", right after supper was done (around 7 pm here) he said, "I think I'll take a crown to school tomorrow."
Why do they always do this to me? It's always a last minute decision. I should have listened to my instincts and just made one for him at the beginning of the week.
I got out my felt and told him he would have to have light blue since the only other colours I had enough of were pink and white. Then when I went searching for heavy interfacing and couldn't find any. Luckily we have a Wal-Mart close by and I ran in there to get some heavy interfacing. When I was standing there waiting for someone to come and cut my interfacing I found the dark royal blue felt. I knew he would like that much better than light blue felt I had at home and got some of that as well.
Once I cut out the crown shape, I decided to put his first initial on the crown. It still looked kind of bare so I got out my button collection and found some great boy buttons. Of course it was past the boy's bedtime and he was in bed so I wasn't asking him what he wanted and decided it would be a surprise. I had a rocket ship, an airplane, a saw, a great sized yellow star and a flashlight button - all things he loves. When I showed the boy his crown in the morning before we left for daycare he was really excited about wearing his crown at school.
After school I asked him if any other boys wore crowns and he said yes. I asked if anyone had a crown like his and he said no. (This is our quiet child.) Daddy said to him, "I bet no one had a crown as nice as yours." He didn't reply but every once in awhile he still gets his crown out and puts it on. So I call it a hit.
Our youngest will be in Kindergarten next year and I was thinking I'll have to keep the crown for him and just put his initial over top of this brother's. However he keeps reminding me he hates blue and really loves orange. Maybe I should get started on his crown now!