Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Christmas Scarf

Once I knew I was making a scarf for my youngest son I knew I would have to make one for our oldest son too. Luckily I had quite a few blue (his favourite colour) fabrics in my stash. I found one really nice blue and gold star fabric from Country Quarter for his scarf and added a few remnants from Fabricland. He says he loves it - but he hasn't worn it that often yet.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Scarf

This cute scarf was for my youngest son for his Christmas Eve gift. Each child in our family gets to open one gift on Christmas Eve after church. He had requested a scarf about 3 months before Christmas and little did he know I was planning a scarf for him for Christmas Eve. He asked about every other week if I was working on his scarf. He requested orange (his favourite colour), green and brown. I had very few of these fabrics in my stash. I visited my local quilting shop - Country Quarter and got one of the orange fabrics. The rest are from the Fabricland remnant section. He love, love, love, love, loves this scarf.