Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finds and Bugs

I know I promised to come back with some pictures of projects I've been working on. And now I'm ready to share the few things I've acutally completed. We have been busy with summer parties, birthdays and birthday parties and just having fun!

Found these spools of ribbon at Target - each package was $1! There is only 18 inches on each spool. I don't have a plan yet for these but I just couldn't resist the great deal. My daughter is thinking about switching bedrooms and moving downstairs. Of course that means redecorating, so she may want to use a few of these for decorative trim on new pillows.

Found this funky print at my local Fabricland on the clearance table. It was $2/metre! I picked up 2 metres and am thinking of using it to make a top for next spring/summer. Fabricland also had denim on their clearance table for $2/metre. I had to pick up 5 metres, but have been kicking myself for not getting more. I'm hoping the next time I'm there they'll still have some.

These are the shorts and pants I made for my boys. They are so cute with the frogs and snakes and so boyish. They love them! I got the fabric at Fabricland (in May?) on sale for $2.99/metre. The pattern is one I've used many times before, but really you don't need a pattern if you use a pair of pants that fit right for your template. I have a pattern that is for kids, youths and adults that way I can make bigger sizes for the kids to grow into (for next summer).

These shorts were made for my daughter. Made from a knit found at a yard sale. The lady was retiring from her sewing business and had tons of fabric and great deals. The piece I got was a little over 1 metre and was $1. I still have a little bit left and have it in my scrap pile now.

Overall, not a lot of sewing got done over the summer. But the kids and I did do a lot of crafts, colouring and gardening. We did manage to get a way for a few days as a family.

Hope you had an incredible summer!

Now that school is back, it feels more like we have routine here. The bedtimes are a little earlier and the days are more structured. Although we did start the school year of with a case of headlice. This is the second year in a row we have had lice the first week of school. So far only 2 out of 3 kids have it, but how do you keep it that way? I've been cleaning, vacuuming and doing laundry in hot water. I've taken all pillows away and everyone gets a blanket rolled up and stuffed into a pillowcase. It's easier to wash a blanket than washing pillow everyday for at least a week. I'm getting new pillows for everyone just for my own piece of mind. I know it's kind of wasteful, but what if there is one still alive even after being washed in hot water and run through the hot dryer twice and not being used for a week?

The lice got passed on to the youngest (2 years old). The poor little guy ended up with a 1/4" long brush cut because he can't sit still to get his hair combed to get rid of the nits. I do have to say that that worked though because so far (fingers crossed) there hasn't been any sign of any more. The one that brought the lice home had a Nix treatment, but I was still finding live little buggers in her hair 4 days later. So I went and got a new product called Resultz. That stuff work wonders! It can only be used on 4 year olds and up. It takes the protective coating off the lice and the nits and makes them dehydrate. I know what I will use the first time around if anyone 4+ get it again here.

Last year I tried the more natural remedies of mineral oil and vinegar and picking the nits out of the hair (which you have to do no matter what). That did not work for us. Maybe because she has long hair, but I ended up doing 2 Nix treatments and 1 other treatment (I can't remember what the product was called now) before we ended up getting rid of the bugs altogether.

So hopefully all the lice is gone now. I'm still washing everything in hot water and using the hot dryer for a few more days until the final treatments are done, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And I have bought tea tree oil to mix in with the shampoo as a preventative, but I think some are using a little too much all they need is 1 or 2 drops, but I think they end up with more. So I'm going to get some tea tree shampoo. Hopefully that will keep the lice away for good!

Hope you don't end up with lice at your house!

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