Saturday, October 8, 2011

Farm Themed Birthday

My youngest son is wild about cows and all things farm related. He was very insistant he wanted a cow cake again this year. I managed to talk him into having a barn cake with farm animals made out of cookies.

A few weeks before his birthday he told me, "You know mom, a barn really needs a tractor." I said, "Oh, really?" He said, "Yes. I think I need to have a tractor cookie to go with my barn cake and animal cookies."

Where in the world could I get a tractor cookie cutter? I needed to find the farm animal cookie cutters already (except the cow - that I already had) so I searched the web to try to find a tractor cookie cutter too. The shipping costs to and in Canada are unbelievably expensive so I managed to talk him into having a barn cake and a John Deere tractor cake with farm animal cookies. I did finally manage to find the pigs and ducks cookie cutters at the Bulk Barn (2 trips to 2 different stores though).

I made the cookies early in the week of his birthday and froze them. The cakes were baked the morning before his birthday and iced along with the cookies the night before his birthday. He loved these cakes and cookies. I made lots of cow cookies since he loves cows so much and each guest took a cow cookie home with them. (Sorry about the side-ways picture. Blogger won't let me load it turned around.)

He asked me the other day when I was going to make more cow cookies because he'd like to take some on his school lunch. He rarely askes for me to bake anything special for him, so I was pretty surprised. I think I'll have to get some made this week for him.

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