Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bags for Teachers

I made a bag this year for my daughter's teacher. She is young and stylish and very keen. She is a fabulous teacher and my daughter really learned a lot in her class - academically, socially and personally. The fabric for this bag is a screenprinted canvas. The lining fabric was from my stash. I stole 2 buttons from my daughter's button collection for this bag.

Our oldest son was in Junior Kindergarten this year and I made a bag for his teacher as well. She has a very structured classroom. Unfotunately he will not be in her class next school year. I am hoping that the new teacher will have a similar structure to her class. He loves school and can read quite a few words already. I never thought he would like school - he's never been interested in reading or sitting for very long to colour, but school made him interested in these things. He is quite shy and he has improved so much socially.
For his teacher's bag I used some fabric from my stash that I used for a handbag on a previous post. The yellow buttons are from my button bag. The pattern is the Buttercup Bag available on Made by Rae.

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