Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Birthday Cake

My youngest son turned 3 almost a month ago. As his birthday approached we started talking about what kind of cake he wanted. He kept saying "White cow cake."

Let me give you a little background - Last year I made him a cow cake for his 2nd birthday. I had to work the day of his birthday and had it ready the night before after everyone was in bed. I figured that way when I got home I would just have to get supper ready and not have to worry about getting the cake done. My mom was babysitting that day for us and around 4 pm he went to the fridge to get a drink and noticed his cake in the fridge on the bottom shelf. He sat on the floor with the fridge door open and kept saying "My cow cake."

So this year I made hime the same cake. He knows he can have other cakes. I offered to make a pig or goat or anyother farm animal or a construction cake or Bob the Builder or an ATV or a John Deere tractor cake. He said, "No. White cow cake." So that's what he got. I had enough cake batter left over to make some haybales for the cow.

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