Saturday, January 24, 2009

Funky PJ pants

Last week was my daughter's BFF's birthday, this weekend is her party. My daughter wanted me to make pj pants for her BFF for her birthday and asked me about this the beginning of December. We were at Fabricland a few weeks before Christmas when my daughter found the circle fabric and convinced me to buy it to make pj pants for her BFF. Of course I don't need any convincing to buy fabric, since I am so addicted to fabric and knew this would be perfect and it was on sale (the best!). BFF saw this fabric on my ironing board a week before Christmas when she was over and told my daughter she loved the fabric (which worked out perfectly because the fabric was bought specifically for her for pj pants). Of course BFF needed a shirt to go with the pj pants. The shirt was plain and purchased at Wal-Mart. I then appliqued the cupcake on it to go with the pj pants. We were at Old Navy two weeks ago and saw the cutest slippers - pigs, cows, sheep and rabbits on sale so we got BFF some pig slippers too. I also threw in the gift bag a stencil book and a note book both found at a toy outlet in Toronto in November for dirt cheap. I love picking up little things to have in my stash to add to a gift.
We went to Fabricland today - it's their Last Call sale and got a bunch of fabric. Instead of my usual - oh look this is so pretty and on sale for a great price I'll get it now and figure out later what I'll make - I bought with purpose and knew exactly what I was going to make with each fabric that I bought. Yeah for me! Now to get the time to make everything!

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Pat said...

What great b'day gifts! I'm sure your daughter's BFF will be very happy when she opens them.